Our Orthopaedic Procedures

Many pathologies can be treated conservatively with a multi-disciplinary team approach. Dr Maritz endeavours to utilise this approach wherever possible as a first line treatment option.

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Hip Surgery

Hip replacement surgery is effective in improving quality of life in patients with debilitating hip arthritis. Early mobilisation and recovery enables a faster return to activity.

  • Total Hip replacement

Foot and Ankle Surgery

Utilising evidence-based principles in foot and ankle surgery enhances outcome measures. With the complexity, and wide variation in pathology seen within the foot and ankle, an individualised treatment approach is an essential part of treatment.

Minimally invasive and arthroscopic techniques are utilised wherever possible to minimise the impact of surgery on recovery times.

  • Ankle arthroscopy

  • Ankle fusion

  • Bunion surgery

  • Claw Toe corrections

  • Flat foot reconstructions

  • Foot and ankle arthritis

  • Tendon disorders

Knee Surgery

New techniques in both surgery and peri-operative period, have shifted the focus of joint replacement surgery towards enhanced rapid recovery. The addition of robotic technology in the operating theatre at the Busamed Paardevlei Private Hospital has proved to be a useful adjunct in the ever progressing field of knee replacement surgery.

Sporting knee injuries are ideally managed through minimally invasive, arthroscopic techniques to expedite return to play.

  • Total knee replacement

  • Partial knee replacement

  • Knee Re-alignment surgery

  • Knee Ligament reconstruction

  • Meniscus repair

  • Arthroscopic Surgery

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