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Open Surgery

Open surgery has long been the only option to treat conditions within the foot. Although the newer minimally invasive techniques are preferred by Dr Maritz, a few conditions still require open surgery.

Mortons Neuroma

A painful nerve becoming entrapped within the forefoot, causing pain under the foot is a Mortons neuroma. Often worse with tight shoes and running activities.

The image is a black and white photo showcasing a person's foot featuring a red mark indicative of some discomfort or issue. The person is pointing to or interacting with the area around the mark. The rest of the foot, including the toes, aren't entirely shown due to the person's hand. The person is clad in dark leggings or pants. The image communicates a sense of foot pain or discomfort.
The image is a black and white photo of a person resting on a white background, displaying visible signs of discomfort or pain at their feet. Specifically, their left foot, including the big toe, appears to be in a state of distress, with certain areas highlighted or marked in red to indicate areas of pain. The person's hand, possibly the right, is seen holding or touching the foot, possibly portraying the process of self-examination. Their nails are painted in a light color, adding a subtle detail to the otherwise color-muted scenario. The image exudes a somewhat gloomy and solemn atmosphere.

Midfoot Fusion For Arthritis

Midfoot arthritis is best treated with a fusion and bone grafting should conservative measures fail.

Flat Foot Reconstruction

Flatfeet or pes planus reconstructions are complex surgeries to re-align the foot. A combination of minimally invasive and open techniques are used.

The image shows a close-up of two feet standing on a white sheet. There are distinguishing lines marked on the feet, one in red and the other in blue. The purpose of the lines isn't clear from the image. The overall photo is black and white, with the colored lines visibly contrasted.
The image depicts a woman sitting on a gray sofa, her hands holding her feet. Her face isn't visible in the dimly lit room, with the main focus being on her lower body.

Achilles Tendinopathy

A painful swelling of the achilles tendon above its insertion into the heel, is most likely an achilles tendinopathy