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The image presents a open knee operation in progress. A patient, clothed in blue attire, is lying on an operating table with their abdomen or hip area exposed. At least two medical professionals, clearly indicated by two sets of hands wearing medical gloves, are conducting the procedure. These practitioners are actively working, employing various surgical instruments such as scissors and a retractor. The overall setting and concentrated ambiance suggest a diligent and focused surgical team working towards ensuring a successful patient recovery.

Knee Surgery

New techniques in both surgery and peri-operative period, have shifted the focus of joint replacement surgery towards enhanced rapid recovery. Sporting knee injuries are ideally managed through minimally invasive, arthroscopic techniques to expedite return to play.

Total knee replacement with robotic guidance

Total knee replacements are one of the most common orthopaedic surgeries performed. The addition of robotic technology in the operating theatre at the Busamed Paardevlei Private Hospital has proved to be a useful adjunct in the ever progressing field of knee replacement surgery.

Partial knee replacement

When knee arthritis involves only 1 compartment in the knee, a partial knee replacement is a good option, especially in the younger more active patients. This replaces only the affected arthritic part of the knee, leaving the unaffected compartments and ligaments intact.

Knee arthroscopy

Keyhole surgery using a camera allows for good visualisation of the knee without extensive surgical incisions to correct pathology within the knee. Recovery is expedited with keyhole techniques.

The image showcases a scene inside a hospital room where a person is lying on a hospital bed draped in a blue medical gown. There's a medical staff member, who is holding a stethoscope, seen examining or supporting the person's knee.

Knee ligament reconstruction

Ruptured knee ligaments will render the knee unstable and often require surgical reconstruction. These are mostly done via keyhole arthroscopic techniques.

Meniscus repair

A torn meniscus can cause mechanical locking and catching within the knee, with swelling. This can be addressed with arthroscopic techniques