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Arthroscopic Foot Surgery

Arthroscopic surgery allows for a more rapid recovery, with less pain as the soft tissues are not damaged during the procedures. The following are common arthroscopic procedures performed by Dr Maritz.

Arthroscopic or keyhole surgery makes use of a small camera to visualize and perform the surgery required. Arthroscopic techniques are technically demanding and require specialized training to perform. Dr Maritz is well versed on these techniques and is a master instructor on the international platform training colleagues in these keyhole surgeries.

The image is a black and white photograph featuring a person holding their ankle, which is highlighted in red - generally indicating an area of pain or injury. The individual's bare feet rest upon a wooden floor. The image is taken in such a way that depicts the person from waist down only, excluding upper body from the view.
The image depicts an individual, likely engaged in sports due to their footwear, who is holding their ankle, a common indication of discomfort or injury. This is taking place outdoors, with the person standing on what could be a paved or rural road, surrounded by natural elements such as greenery and possibly distant trees. The scene is bathed in a gentle sunlight, suggesting a perhaps late afternoon or early evening setting, contributing a warm tone to the overall image.

Arthroscopic Ankle Arthrodesis

Arthroscopic ankle fusions allow for a more tolerable recovery following an arthrodesis.

Arthroscopic Ankle surgery for Impingment

Impingement can occur where soft tissue or bone catches within the ankle causing pain with certain movements. This can be at the back of front of the ankle. Commonly termed a “Footballers Ankle”.

The image showcases a person clad in white gloves skillfully holding and operating a specific tool connected to a blue hose. This individual appears to be engrossed in a delicate, detailed task, implying an atmosphere of precision and care, possibly related to a medical procedure. Other people are present in the background, merely adding to the scene but not drawing focus away from the main task being performed.

Arthroscopic Ankle Ligament stabilization for Ankle Instability

Arthroscopic management of chronic ankle instability is fast becoming the gold standard. It provides a more anatomical repair with only 2 small keyhole incisions. Rapid recovery is afforded with minimal post operative pain.

Ankle Arthroscopy for Cartilage disorders

Cartilage lesions of the talus or osteochondral lesions are common sporting injuries of the ankle, often in conjunction with micro-instability of the ankle. These are best managed arthroscopically.